Well being and Fitness Educational Action Board Game Board Game

Well being and Fitness Educational Action Board Game Board Game

Merchandise Description
Win Golden Tickets to turn out to be the “Coach of the Game”. Discover to be healthful with Lizzy Adore, Littles Kent and all the funny characters on the board! LunchBox Children is a Patented, Overall health & Fitness Board Game that will get kids active, thinking and obtaining exciting winning the golden tickets! Children can teach themselves how to dwell a healthier lifestyle by answering pop quiz questions and completing exercising challenges. It is a focal point for fitness, engaging all kids with the Multiple Intelligences of studying! This game is a Wellness Coach in a box as it includes a Food Scale Chart exhibiting healthy foods options and Children’s Work out Poster for their area.

Value: $26.95

  • The first patented overall health and fitness board game
  • Ages 6+, two to eight players, twenty minute quick perform upto 45 minute standard play
  • Customized food dice, 24 wholesome golden lunch tickets, 20 snack cards and 12 get fit cards
  • 400 overall health and fitness pop quiz cards and custom storage tray to maintain the game organized
  • Includes a children’s custom food chart to hang on your fridge and workout poster for the space

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