SYOURSELF Set of two Core Physical exercise Sliders Dual Sided Gliding Discs-Trainer Fitness Equipment for Abdominal,Total Physique Workouts, Fitness center,Property,Travel,Mat Carpet,Difficult Floors+Fitness Chart+Present Box (Black)

SYOURSELF Set of two Core Workout Sliders Dual Sided Gliding Discs-Trainer Fitness Equipment for Abdominal,Total Physique Workouts, Health club,Property,Travel,Mat Carpet,Difficult Floors+Fitness Chart+Present Box (Black)

Product Description
SYOURSELF 2 PACK Core Workout Sliders
Solution Function

Weight: 190g
Size: 7 inch(Diameter) x .five inch(Thickness).
Material: one side foam + one side challenging plastic
Colour: 3 colors for you: Black, Blue, Red


Made for all floors: Any surface floor (carpet, hardwood floor, rug, laminate).
Effortless to use, simple to carry: Lightweight and compact. No matter where are simple to carry.
Expert help: Your hands and feet do not require to leave the floor. This minimizes the danger of injury. This is a really intriguing exercise equipment.
Suitable for all ages: keep-at-residence mom or dad, workplace worker, exercise any time and any location.

Complete body exercise:

Develop STRENGTH: tighten your waistline and can be utilised to complement strength coaching, CrossFit and cross education exercise routines.
Lose WEIGHT: gliding discs are the best addition to your residence exercise regimen if you would like to shed a couple of pounds.
TONE YOUR CORE: Making use of sliders fitness for a higher-intensity move like a mountain climber lets you go tougher for longer just before you get exhausted, which increases your calorie burn.
SIX-PACK ABS: for the guys that would like to pack on some muscle or the girls that would like to tone their core, this set of sliders is a should-have. There is a wide assortment of muscle creating workouts you can do, whether or not you want to target your reduce body, upper physique or core muscles.
Reduce INJURY AND JOINT Pain: gliding discs are extremely effectively received by the older generation searching for an equipment to maintain them healthier and active whilst substantially lowering joint soreness or the risk of injury.

2 x Dual Sided Gliding Discs
1 x Present Box

Cost: $9.95

  • two Pack Dual-sided core sliders: Fabric Surface + Plastic Surface. Made for most surfaces. You can far better physical exercise your core with our dual side fitness discs. Fabric foam side for tough floor, wood or tile. Plastic side for soft floor carpet, rug or cloth face, work on all surfaces for maximum comfort. Either at home or at the fitness center use our Core Sliders on any surface.
  • Lightweight and Wonderful for Fitness center, Home, Travel: Come with 2 discs, 7″ diameter and .three” thickness, greatest size, more practical, straightforward to retailer and incredibly portable. 190g, so light and compact that you can pack them in any bag and take them wherever you travel. Take them to the health club or if its much more time effective and handy, stay at home and nevertheless get an amazing house workout.
  • Core Workout & Aerobic exercising : Increase strength and flexibility. For body creating, those abdominal trainers can very easily help you accomplish the abdominal muscles target any muscle group to tone your physique, enhance strength, tightening your core, improve your all round body composition and cardio. For slim down, toning your tummy, legs or arms will be by no means be an issue once again
  • Train Smarter Not Harder: Sliding workouts can be done anywhere and have been verified to lessen threat of injury considering that they consist of low effect movements. This will guarantee that you get more out of each and every education with much less stress on your joints.
  • Greatest Gift Idea: two x Gliding Discs, 1 x Present Box. Present package, come with a present box, make it simple warp as present for your family members, buddies, specifically for sports enthusiasts, slimmers.

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