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Growing old in reverse

When I’m advised “I’m also old” I opt for to dismiss it. You see, I’ve decided to age in REVERSE. Quite a few individuals “hide” their age, but I fairly considerably blast it from the roof tops. Why? Due to the fact to me, I truly feel Fantastic for 46. I am not ashamed of my age and I really do not truly feel the need to have to consider and be 20 again. I appreciate progressing to the greatest me attainable!

I believe that in growing old in reverse

What does Getting older in reverse mean?

Aging in reverse means “improving” and finding Much better, SMARTER, Much better as the a long time go by. You have additional knowledge, extra means, far more demo and error, extra apply, far more understanding so WHY NOT?

Why pay attention to individuals that set “aging” into such a destructive light-weight?

In this article is how to embrace getting old in reverse:

Consume actual foodstuff. Continue to be as Shut to normal as probable. Processed food items and junk will AGE you and place pointless pressure on your overall body. Our bodies were being NOT developed to course of action chemical compounds, synthetic junk and substantial doses of sugar! Retain it authentic unprocessing your food plan

Consume your veggies and phytonutrients. Greens have so a lot of wonderful vitamins and minerals to enable preserve you experience and hunting younger.  Nobody At any time “got fat” having much too quite a few carrots! 🥕 ‘s
Severely- really don’t get me started off listed here. Load up on those veggies!

Continue to be active!  Just Shift! Park even further, stroll far more, engage in, walk rather of drive, bicycle to run errands, just take the extensive slice, and keep transferring. Stop sitting down so dang much!!! (Yup I’m yelling)

Obstacle yourself normally. Development with your system as properly as your brain is essential. You can Often make improvements to from the place you are no make a difference what your age. Observe, be established, and move forward!

Try new factors and never ever quit with your aims. Age is not a explanation to not go for your targets.
Preserve negativity out of your existence. If someone brings about stress or delivers you down there is no reason to engage with them.

Drop the excuses and self imposed stops. Find Solutions and progress forward. You are not “too old” it is not “too late” you are just receiving commenced!

Age backwards. XO Natalie Jill

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