ACSM’s Comprehensive Guide to Fitness & Well being 2nd Edition

ACSM’s Full Guide to Fitness & Wellness 2nd Edition

Item Description

Right here is the ultimate resource for maximizing your physical exercise and nutrition efforts. In this new edition of ACSM’s Complete Guide to Fitness & Well being, you have an authoritative reference that enables you to apply study-based guidance to your exclusive well being and fitness demands. With a concentrate across the life span, this resource shows you how to pursue optimal wellness and fitness now and all through the years to come. The American College of Sports Medicine, the largest and most respected sport science and medicine organization in the planet, has designed this book to bridge the gap between science and the practice of generating personal life-style selections that market well being. This new edition includes age-distinct tips within the framework of the latest research, thus assisting you to stay away from the lure of fads, unfounded myths, and misinformation.

You will discover these strategies:

• Incorporate the newest suggestions for physical activity and nutrition into your daily routine to boost your fitness and general overall health.

• Optimize your weight and enhance strength, flexibility, aerobic fitness, and functional fitness.

• Enhance overall health and handle circumstances such as diabetes, cardiovascular illness, cancer, depression, osteoporosis, arthritis, pregnancy, and Alzheimer’s illness by way of physical exercise and nutrition.

• Monitor, evaluate, and tailor your exercising plan for optimal outcomes.

Featuring step-by-step guidelines and full-color images for the most successful exercises, sample workouts, sensible advice, age-particular physical activity and dietary guidelines, and methods for incorporating workout and wholesome nutrition choices into even the busiest of lifestyles, ACSM’s Full Guide to Fitness & Well being is a resource that belongs in each fitness enthusiast’s library.

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