Ab Workout Gear Ab Roller Wheel Adjustable Jump Rope & 5x Workout Resistance Loop Bands – All-In-One Cerasus Fitness Set Ab Fitness Gear Ab Wheel Roller

Ab Workout Gear Ab Roller Wheel Adjustable Jump Rope & 5x Exercise Resistance Loop Bands – All-In-A single Cerasus Fitness Set Ab Fitness Gear Ab Wheel Roller

Product Description
Generate Real Gym IN YOUR Own Residence WITH ALL ROUND Exercise CERASUS FITNESS SET! Turn your living space, hotel room or park glade into the actual fitness center! Save your time and cash on driving to the fitness center although acquiring in shape and building your strength and muscle tissues anyplace anytime. Our set is excellent for Core exercising, Arms and Legs, intensive cardio, energy education, strength, stability, and much more. With Creases Our All-in-a single Cerasus Fitness set includes all you need to make a difference in your all round body composition: DOUBLE ABS CARVER WHEEL WITH KNEE PAD – The AB Wheel Roller is produced of high-good quality plastic, rubber and stainless steel nonetheless grip and has a dual-wheel design and style for far better stability. A robust building guarantees wheel can to withstand total bodyweight and to remain sturdy during use. Foam-grip handles make for a more comfy exercise. High-quality knee mat for comfort and assistance regardless of operation surface – no a lot more aching knees! ADJUSTABLE JUMP ROPE – Jump rope is a coaching tool that supplies a quality exercise and accurate method for enhancing coordination. Our jump rope is made from the highest good quality steel covered with tough, extended-wear plastic to ensure maximum life. 10 feet cable that rapidly adjusts to your desired length making use of two sliding screws and collars that set the handles at a specific length on the cable. Excess cable length can then be reduce off for comfort. 1 way to determine the ideal length of jump rope is to step 1 foot in the middle of the rope. The handles should reach up to approximately armpit height. LOOP RESISTANT BANDS – use them for common physical exercise, stretching, strength instruction, power weight programs. They come in 5 varying resistance levels. This makes them best whether you are just starting to workout or a seasoned exercise warrior.

Cost: $27.99

  • ✅ Ideal Daily Home AB Exercise Gear SET: Total Body Exercise Set with Endless Amount of Possibilities
  • ✅ 7 IN 1 Home Workout Equipment: Involves Adjustable Jump Rope, five Resistant Loop Bands and AB Wheel Roller Kit with Knee Pad
  • ✅ FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS: Gym-grade all-inclusive fitness equipment suitable for newbies and sophisticated exercisers
  • ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT AND Transportable: Compact, Lightweight, basic to assemble. Easy to carry so you can construct your strength and muscles anyplace anytime. There is nothing at all that can hold you back from reaching your fitness objectives!
  • ✅ TRUSTED Good quality: Our instruction gear is produced of tested, robust materials for maximum durability and safety

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