3-In-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit – Odoland AB Roller Pro with Push-Up Bar, Jump Rope and Knee Pad – Excellent Abdominal Core Carver Fitness Exercise for Abs – with Workout Guide

3-In-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit – Odoland AB Roller Pro with Push-Up Bar, Jump Rope and Knee Pad – Best Abdominal Core Carver Fitness Exercise for Abs – with Exercise Guide

Item Description
Odoland Ab Roller Set Wheel is your excellent decision on caving Abdominal core. The upgraded Ab roller wheel with longer handle pipe is far more stable, tough and can assistance up to 800lbs. You can use the roller together with push-up bar for greater carving at one particular time. It is simple to assemble and disassemble. It also comes with a knee pad for knee protecting and a storage bag for effortless carrying, offering wonderful comfort. It will undoubtedly carve your core and assist you get ripped abs and sculpted arms!
Acquiring 1 you get 4: Ab roller, Push-up Bar, Jump Rope and Knee pad
Upgraded Ab roller wheel with robust wheel structure
Anti-slip handles & pull-up bar
Noise cancelling
Robust steel supports up to 800LB loading
Anti-slip resistant foam deal with & Sweat-absorbent outer layer
Protective Rubber Suction Cup Base
Comfy pad for knee protection
Steady and tough
Comes with storage bag for effortless carrying
Multi-way for education
Best men and females on Abs caving and toning
Package consists of
1 x Ab Roller
2 x Push-up Bars
1 x Jump Rope
1 x Knee Pad
1 x User Manual
three x Storage bag

Cost: $24.99

  • 3-IN-1 Ab Roller Set: Odoland two wheel Ab roller set with push-up bar and jump rope is made for any person desires to hold fit and shape greater figure. two-wheel Ab roller with knee pad aids to carve core and get ripped abs. Push-up bar gives much better assistance when undertaking push-ups. You can also burn calories.
  • UPGRADED Ab Roller For Stability: Most AB rollers on the market place have only one or two wheels. Rather, our upgraded AB roller constructed with longer handle pipe. It can supports up to 800lbs. The manage is covered with anti-slip resistant foam, making it much more stable.
  • Superb Push-up Help & Knee Safeguarding: The push-up bar of detachable design and style has anti-slip lines and protective rubber at the bottom. It mounts the ground and won’t slip effortlessly. You can use the bar alone or with the AB roller at a single time for greater Abs toning, as the bar can give exceptional assistance to your physique. The knee pad can safeguard your knees from injury when rolling frontward and backward.
  • Longer Durability & Easy Assembling: Both Ab roller and push-up bar are of robust structure. The three-wheel Ab roller with upgraded wheel pipe can support up to 800Lbs, creating it much more steady and sturdy for Abs toning. The AB roller and push-up bar are simple to assemble and disassemble due to its humanized design and style.
  • Far more Workout In Less Time: Odoland AB roller wheel is much more stability and successful for abs carving. You can get much more intense abdominal workouts in much less time by making use of it with each other with the push-up bar!

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